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Default Re: Gwyneth Paltrow aka Pepper Potts: the REAL unsung hero of the Iron Man Movies

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
Its "Iron Man" not "Iron Man and friends" I feel Pepper is given enough time, maybe a little too much in the 2nd film, she doesn't need a massive role pulled 3-5ways with Tony, Pepper, Shield, Hammer and Whiplash.
heh, 'Iron Man and his not so Amazing friends'

Well, you have to give the General Audience a female role to latch on to, and the Pepper character can be broadened out so she grounds Iron Man. It can't just be the boys playin.

Another thing way back in the day, Pepper, Tony and Happy were around each other a lot, the old 60's Iron Man cartoon Happy would put the armor on...and then get beatdown. Its funny both those characters died off a long time ago. Just think of her as the adult in the room.

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