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Default Re: Iron Man vs Iron Man 2

To me it's pointless to compare the two, because I just see this as chapter two in the story of Tony Stark.

In IM1 you have what is IMO the best origin story of any comicbook/superhero movie. In IM2, you have the continuation of the story, where the stakes are bigger, the action is bigger, and everything is just bigger.

To me this is text book 101 on how you do a comic book movie. The IM series has everything on what made any of the other comic book movies successful, and tunes it up a notch. You have all of the serious acting that the Nolan Batman films had without being overly serious, you have the sense of adventure and fun that the Spider-man films had without the soap opera drama, and you have all the eye candy that the Transformers and G.I. Joe fims had, without the rediculous stuff for the pre-pubecent ADD crowd.

I'll let others argue if it's a better movie than this or that, who cares, this is exactly what a comic book movie should be, and in that respect both of these movies represent the cream of the crop of comic book films.

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