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Default Re: Gwyneth Paltrow aka Pepper Potts: the REAL unsung hero of the Iron Man Movies

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
Its "Iron Man" not "Iron Man and friends" I feel Pepper is given enough time, maybe a little too much in the 2nd film, she doesn't need a massive role she is an assistant ... now gf I guess of the main character, she is not the top bill that pulls the crowd in, I'm pretty sure no one would mind if her role was left the same or made smaller, other than Gwyneth herself.

I hope she has a super small role if any role at all in Avengers and as for IM3 I'd rather we have more time in the villan/Tony than what we have in this 2nd film of the story been pulled 3-5ways with Tony, Pepper, Shield, Hammer and Whiplash.
After awhile, comments about Pepper, Happy and Shield/Nick Fury being in the movie too much don't bother me and I started to realize a lot of those comments are coming from fans of the movies and not necessarily fans of the comics. In the comics(early days especially) Pepper and Happy are both in it quite a lot. Nick Fury and Shield are also a fairly big part of IM's world as well.

Coming from a filmgoer's standpoint I can see why they were distracting or uneeded but me being a huge fan of the comics...I loved it. Favreau not only was inspired by the Demon in a Bottle and Armor Wars stories but one of the old school stories(forgot which number/s and I think it was still in Tales of Suspense before IM got his own self title comic) were Happy helped get him his suitcase with the suit in it, in that as well as a few other issues, Happy was very prominent in them.

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