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Default MasterLe Iron Man 2 Promo Tour April-May 2010

I read this quote from Bruce Lee and to my understanding means a lot to me

"If I tell you I'm good, you would probably think I'm boasting. If I tell you I'm no good, you know I'm lying." "Use no way as way; use no limitation as limitation." Bruce Lee

Anyways This is just a story and my fun time working with the names mention above. Time frame from April to May, It was fun traveling and promoting Iron man 2. Being in Hollywood, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and here in Denver, Colorado. I met old, and made new friends along the way. I even met some forum peers from here "TheRPF". Funny Thing when i traveled to all these places that they knew who i was, and by Name Anthony Le or Master Le.

So working with Paramount, Marvel and Jon Favreau. I set on promoting the movie with the help of my buddy Nate "PhantomProphet", The Colorado Rouges "Brian, Vindorein, Katie, sorry if i forgot any names", Hollywood theater Colorado, and Ako Pah the "Photographer". Also setup a charity raffle to raise fund's for the Children Miracle network.

Keeping this story short, it was a fun time and like my life quote "Live life with a passion, and no regrets".

Enjoy The picture's

Awesome crew that were apart of helping me promote Iron Man 2 "there so awesome!!"

-----Hollywood California!!!------

Traveled to Hollywood, for Promoting Iron man 2 for Guess Jeans

Sponge Bob and Patrick on Hollywood boulevard. Funny thing they knew who i was

Wheres Batman? "lol edward scissor hands in back"

heres Batman "captaintrooper from the RPF"

me and Batman "captaintrooper from the RPF"

me and Batman "captaintrooper from the RPF"

me and wonder woman

lol this reminds me of that video on youtube iron man vs Bruce Lee

Life life with a passion, and no regrets. - Anthony Le

Always copied, but NEVER duplicated.

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