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Default Re: MasterLe working with Paramount, Marvel and Jon Favreau promoting Iron Man 2 Pic

lol an Iron man MKV and Iron man MKVI XD

funny thing thery knew who i was too in Vegas and by name!
oh and Edward's skin actually Sparkles!, quoted by him "the skin of a killer!!" i laughed so hard!

They said there were looking for Jack Sparrow XD

nothing more fun then to party with the pirates!

----Me On TV "KWGN-TV (WB) 2" & Radio "KOSI-FM, KBPI-FM and KTCL-FM"Iron man 2 Promo "Colorado"-------

me and Craig Robinson "he heard about me and knew who i was lol"

arriving at TV studio

in the green room about to go on Everyday show LIVE

pew pew!!

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