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Default Re: Favreau's Mandarin Choices Revealed.

I don't want the Mandarin to be too young. He needs to be regal, dignified and imperious, with an air of menace about him, not just some high-kicking young upstart. I don't want the likes of Jet Li or Jackie Chan (who would just be a clown). Mandarin will need to be able to speak english well and be very articulate. He doesn't have to be a Fu Manchu type, but what's wrong with having him like these long-haired, goatee beared sagely types? If Chinese cinema are quite happy using these types in movies, and we see them in period-set action films like we see with Chow Yun Fat above, then obviously they find it completely acceptable and not reinforcing a stereotype. I don't think it is anyway. A goatee-bearded, long-haired, royal robed Mandarin is simply honoring Chinese culture and tradition and appreciating aspects that make that culture distinctive.

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