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Default Re: MasterLe working with Paramount, Marvel and Jon Favreau promoting Iron Man 2 Pic

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
Awesome pics Maseterle247. Hopefully this can get your foot in the door to create stuff like that in the film industry.
Thanks Figs, im working very diligently ^^
Originally Posted by THE MR. TERRIFIC View Post
Congrats Dude!! You deserve it! Your costumes are the best. Continued success to you bro!

BTW- I saw you in the P90X vid on youtube! Cool stuff! I press play as well!
Thanks for the comment THE MR. TERRIFIC!, it made my day! Congrats in pushing play for 90 day! as Tony Horton would say it "BRING IT!!"
Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
MasterLe, those pics are fantastic and your MK armors are amazing! I'm glad to see you work closely with the reps at Paramount to promote IM2, and it looks like you had a blast. So does it get uncomfortable after wearing your armor for a long time? They seemed extremely cool but it's got to be a pain in the ass after a few hours, right?
Hey Raiden thanks for your word of mind! actually its very comfortable to be in, i watched the advance screening of Iron man 2 on May 4th, and in my Iron man MKVI armor. it like wearing regular clothing!

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