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Default Re: Iron Man's weapons.

Originally Posted by Night Raven View Post
Iron Man didn't really use his whole arsenal of weapons in Iron Man 2. He mostly stuck to repulsors. I didn't see his unibeam, and he didn't fire any missles from his gauntlets. I didn't see a trace of pulse bolts either, and he should've had an EMP dampening field (like the one he borrowed from Force in the comics). He used more weaponry in the first movie, especially during the aerial chase scene with the fighter planes.
Uni-Beam was used on watermelon. Mr. Earle says he also used it when Rhodey grabbed him, but I think that was just the thrusters, aka, flying backward. I may be wrong though.

He did use gauntlet missiles/rockets. Remember in the drone fight when he dodged this one missile (much like dodges the tank shell in IM1), he then extends his arm, a ring of missiles pop out, and a whole ton of missiles swarm towards these three drones, and they all blow up a second or two after the missiles lodge into them.

You didn't see a trace of pulse bolts because movie Iron Man has yet to include them.

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