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Default Re: Rank the Marvel films

The Incredible Hulk (TV pilot) - Simply and by far the best Hulk movie and one of the best of the superhero genre. It takes the story so seriously that it makes everything feel absolutely real and relatable. With a few characters and elements this movie captures the tragedy, the romance and excitement so good that is impossible not to feel for every one of them, even for those who are against the main characters. I'm not saying super-villiains shouldn't be there but this movie doesn't need them for the story is excellent the way it is. 5/5

Iron Man - Simply one of the best most entertaining superhero movies I've seen. RDJ's charm invades the movie. 4.5/5

X-Men - Excellent. It re-defined for me what a serious tone for a superhero movie should be making the fantastic elements work quite well at the same time. Magneto and Xavier's portrayals are a triumph. 4.5/5

Spider-man 2 - Raimi really nailed it this time. Even when there are plenty of stupid cringeworthy jokes and hollow speeches, the story works and the characters are real. Molina is fantastic and the romance between Peter and MJ is at its best. Oh, and the action couldn't be any better. 4/5

X-Men 3 - Yes, for me this is a very good X-Men movie. The "cure" topic was far more interesting than the mere characters' biographies and it raised some interesting questions about identity and one's place in the world. 4/5

Hulk - Ang Lee tried to make this movie ultra-serious and at the same time to satisfy a formula and that felt forced. While the result is not unwatchable the movie never seems to define itself. The editing many times hurt the movie. The lab/desert/San Francisco sequence is great but the final confrontation is just a mess that ruins the effort. 3.5/5

Daredevil - I haven't seen it in ages but I remember it was far better than I thought. I liked the origin story and romance better than Raimi's Spiderman ones. The villiains weren't too good; Farrell's Bullseye provoked me more laughs than fear, a really bad performance lacking of any intensity. And the park fight scene is unforgivable. 3/5

X-Men 2 - I'm sorry but other than the action I didn't find this exciting at all. Not much happens between the many stories that are told. I'd sum this movie up as the Wolverine's self-discovery trip: long, convoluted and at the end nothing is actually found. 2.5/5

The Incredible Hulk - Not a bad movie but far from being anything special. The CGI worked well only during nighttime shots or those which were blurry or shaky. Norton was very good but I can't buy that Liv Tyler is a genius scientist. The whole story feels rushed at times and of course there's a set of terrible jokes that pretend to make fun of the very Hulk concept. 2.5/5

Spiderman - The jokes are terrible, too many and many times quite unnecessary. The characters are a set of clich├ęs and the situations embarrassingly predictable. The villian is a waste, with that plastic suit and mask Raimi achieves to waste a fantastic actor's possibilities (the scene with Spidey and Goblin talking on the rooftop could have been easily done with stunts and then dubbing). After having his revenge, Goblin seems to exist merely to be a Spiderman's 'friendie' wannabe. A merely formulaistic movie. Oh, and the CGI is subpar. 2/5

Punisher '04 - I don't remember much of this (just saw it once) other than the characters are almost unexistant and the main role can't show any emotion. 1/5

Wolverine - It felt like the same modern superhero movie formula repeated ad-nauseam. 1/5

Spider-Man 3 - It took the very worst things of the first two and made an unpalatable concoction out of it. 1/5

Fantastic Four - Bad. Just bad.

Fantastic Four 2 - Worse than the first one. Or maybe it's the otehr way around.

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