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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
See, again I can't tell if you're being serious or not. . . God, I hope you're kiding.
Totally joking. I am here to make you laugh. I can sing Lady Gaga if you want?

Uh, yes. He is. That was confirmed a while ago.
I was asking. I have only seen that one pic that was released. So I have no idea how much they will change or keep the same until we get more pics.

1. I didn't say the comics and movies where the same thing. Things need to be adapted, but COUNTLESS movies have shown that you can be extremely faithful and it will still look good. You're arguing that Spider-Man and Iron Man, two movies where the costumes are DAMN NEAR exactly like they are in the books are massively different? WTF.
1. I didn't say you said comics and movies are the same. No where did I say JP thinks this nor did I quote you so quit getting so defensive. Some people do. Some people are purists that want every page of the comic on the big screen and they whine when directors and writers make creative changes.

Lets take a look at Iron Man, who as you say his costume is DAMN NEAR exactly like they are in the books.

Sure there have been different iterations throughout the years and the same can be said for X-Men. But we are referring to their original costumes. Now if you think that is damn near the same as what we saw in the movies, then well

2. I never said yellow and blue. The first class outfits are black and yellow.

Look blue and yellow to me.

3. That was said by CYCLOPS. Not Wolverine. Go re-watch the movies you're arguing about.
That is my mistake. I thought it was WOLVERINE. I haven't seen the movie in years. But holy ****, why so angry JP?

So with number 2, go re-read the comics you're arguing about? Settle down JP, we can all have our opinions on here. I don't think the classic costume will work but you are tired of hearing that so excuse me. I will be sure and keep quiet.

These forums would be lame sauce if every body had the same opinion.

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