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Default Re: What other Iron Man villains should appear in a sequel

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Roarke said in an interview that they specifically ended Whiplash that way to leave ambiguity as to whether he's dead or not. We never see him blow up now do we? He could have deactivated the bomb in his suit and the immediate nearby drones after IM & WM split and then climbed out of the suit(assuming it doesn't need robot help with this) and then restarted the timer and covered his escape. Probably didn't end up happening this way, but that's how it is with ambiguity.
If you have ever seen or maybe you have it, the comic book Iron Man Vs Whiplash has a similar ending to the film version but you see Whiplash and Iron Man engulfed in flames after a huge explosion. Whiplash escapes.

I'm not saying that Whiplash has to come back but I think Favereau left it open for Rourke.

He may have looked pegged out after the brief battle but I like to think he's ALIVE.

I'm more amazed he survived the car being bashed into him what 3 times.

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