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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
I'm sorry, but I think Terrence Howard was better suited for the role, so to be speak.

Aside from just a continuity aspect which I feel is always important, in a supporting role like this, I don't believe it's always the better actor, but who has the better chemistry with the lead that's important. Terrence undeniably IMO had much better banter and chemistry with RDJ than Don. Some of that may have to do with the script too, to be sure, but they had more than enough scenes together to draw a conclusion, and I don't see how he was an improvement in the role.

Its the same thing with the love interest, in order for it to work, its not always about who has the acting chops, its about who you believe on screen in that particular relationship. I love Don's work, and he's definitely the better actor to me overall, but I just didn't enjoy their scenes together as much as I did in the first one.

I fully agree. RDJ and Howard had excellent chemistry whereas RDJ and Cheadle weren't quite on that same level. Cheadle is definitely a better actor than Howard IMHO, but for some reason Howard was better in the role.

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