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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
I think the "something wont look good on film" angle is tiresome and has been proven wrong time and time over. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hell Boy.

Kick-Ass had a green and yellow costume and it looked great. And point me in the direction of the person who said spandex. .
Nobody has ever said that Spiderman wont look good on film, Iron Man was more a factor of technology and timing, its always been highly considered for being a film but to grasp its full spectrum you needed to todays technology. That was just smart thinking in those days, Thor is a difficult concept to market however with films like 300, even Rise of the Lycans brings that whole we can do mystic to the big screen angle that thor needed for the fans to truely invest in. And as for hellboy well that was a concept born out of dust made into a popular series... the trick with this was to remove as many supernatural elements they had kept it realistic and it worked. That was more born out of faith, but ask you self this, was was better hellboy or hellboy 2? me personally liked the first hellboy where as the second seemed more like Pans labrythn with hellboy in it... but that was down to the director making that movie too much his own.

The only comic book movies that has been said wouldnt work on film was X-Men, yet Bryan Singer proved us wrong... if we bring in too much of the comic we face the audiance not taking it too seriously...

Yellow is a terrible colour to use on camera is it can merge with skin colours and look well like the character is naked depending on skimpy the suit is.

The idea would really be a need to have the right idea about the costumes and i think if you look at beasts costume in x3, we have the right idea, biker jackets. Remember this is the first x-men although xavier has infinate money i dont think he would try out and make costume costumes until he realised therei s a need for x-men now.

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