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Default Re: The Dark Knight Fanart and Manips Thread Returns!

Originally Posted by batman11 View Post
That is so sweet bro! Love the Kraken.

Anyhow, I thought you guys might enjoy this. After watching the new Inception trailer for the 600th time, I had the idea to do this edit:

The Dark Knight Trailer - Inception Style

It's a trailer for TDK, set in the style of the recent Inception trailer. It's not just TDK video over the trailer: it's an actual trailer for TDK, simply set in the vein of Inception's third trailer.

Anyhow, it's a little rough and quite rushed, but I've got other stuff to attend to, so I wanted to throw it up on YouTube to see what other people think. I hope you enjoy it.
That was epic. You've got a good eye for editing. You should try doing a Begins (Inception style) trailer when you have some free time.

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