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Default Re: Your Favourite Autobot so far?

Originally Posted by Jake Cassidy View Post
They called Sideswipe in last because he's the badass. The others couldn't handle Sideways so they needed him to get it done.

I'm pretty sure Ironhide's second-in-command. Followed by Ratchet. But that could change if they decide to Bring in Ultra Magnus and/or Prowl.
I dont know, with Sideswipe being the last to be called before Prime and being right behind Prime when they go into the hanger, it just seemed he was Prime's right hand man. Shame, it should have really been Jazz .

Originally Posted by Jake Cassidy View Post

I always hated Bumblebee in the cartoons. He was annoying and useless most of the time. All he did was get captured. In the movies, though, he's awesome.
I liked him in the cartoons, but LOVE him in the movies, think he has been great so far and I really hope they expand on him in TF3.

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