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Default Re: Rank the superhero origin films.

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
See, the Superman origin lost me somewhere between the tossing the crystal in the ice & him taking his first flight. Did he just stand in that one spot for 12 years? It was confusing right there. That plus Lex discovering kryptonite in his head, which I'm still trying to understand.
He goes into the Fortress, Jor-El teaches him about who he really is, what he has to do, how to do it, flying, using a typewriter at super-speed etc. I don't know how long that is suppised to take, but yeah, maybe a couple of years. We just get to see him take off for the first time in his graduation suit.
Basically, he goes there to find out who he is, we have already just been told that story, so no need to go over it again, it's time to cut to the chase.

As for Lex...Superman has just given details about his home planet exploding, where it was situated, when it happened, all in that DP interview. From this info Lex realises that this strange meteor that crash landed on Earth would have came from this explosion. He also figures, that by the same way Earth transforms Superman, the meteor fragment will also be transformed, ie they only transform in regards to things of Earthly origin, the detrimental effect it's radioactivity would have on a Kryptonian back home, will not be annulled to one on Earth.
It was a radioactive explosion that destroyed Krypton(or there was a radioactive fall out from the explosion), and that quality will remain in the substance, but only to another person from that planet. Superman's powers only protect him from alien poisons, not poisons that are naturally occuring from his own planet and exist in the same environment.
It is scentific theory based on the information Superman gave in the interview.
SM also gives away the fact he cannot see through lead, which is a really daft weakness to give away.
The info on Krypton does not seem dangerous to divulge, but it can be used against him by someone of a genuis intellect of the scientific disposition.

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