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Default Re: Who was the best robin?

Of those listed, Dick Grayson - the original Boy Wonder. The laughing young daredevil who scoffs at danger like the legendary Robin Hood whose name and spirit he adopted.

My favorite Robin is Carrie Kelley.

The young girl Carrie Kelley, inspired by Batman coming back into action, announces to the world that she is Robin through her actions, and goes out in action and learns on the streets.

And she eventually hooks up with Batman and saves his life more than once. She's a fun character. I love that she's a girl because it's such a boys club in superhero land. The idea of a Robin who is a 13 year old girl is just adorable. I love how Batman takes her in and accepts her as his new Robin without any "this is no job for a girl" sexist nonsense. The childhood enthusiasm of a young girl as a cheerful, spunky, resourceful helper counterbalances the dark grim nature of Batman perfectly, providing the human touchstone that prevents his inner demons from swallowing him whole. And she provides some much needed comic relief.

It's adorable how she looks at the classic Robin costume in the Batcave in awe like it's so sacred to her like her Holy Grail.

The firecracker in the gamblers pants is hilarious!

The slingshot harkens back to Dick Grayson in the original Bill Finger/Bob Kane classics.

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