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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Originally Posted by TheVelvetOnion View Post
Actually the costumes by x-men 3 had individual colour themes was a tribute to StarTrek, with costumes being outlined with yellow, blue or red... with exception to storm who had white... however the rank of captain and science officer being yellow and blue they couldnt really apply that because wolverine is more inline with yellow and cyclops with blue... so although it was a nod to star trek it was also altered to accomediate the charaters costumes
Bobby/Colossus had silver, Rogue had green, Kitty and Jean had pink (I think), and I think Logan had yellow and orange. And they definitely did have very subtle trim to them in the first movies, but the film was either shot too dark or they were intentionally not showcased as well as they were in X3.

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