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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Production shots of the X-Men movie, found on IMDB. Very few are in color, but you can just see Scott's gold/blue trim, Jean Grey with a green belt buckle, Logan with orange piping on his suit, and Storm with her silver trim as well. Yahoo Movies has the same photos, and as a fairly official source, they would likely not accept fan photos for their galleries.

Further production shots, from Marvel's official wiki:
Scott (note the blue X on his collar)
Storm 1

And let's go to the video: X-Men. Granted, the action makes it hard to see the smaller details, but if you pause at :38, you can see Scott's blue X on the back of his suit (full-screen if you can't see it at first), Storm's silver is in just about any shot, Logan's orange suit is seen at 3:00-onward, and in the next part of the movie, you can see Scott and Jean's costumes a little bit clearer at about 2:50.

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