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Fanboy Confession:

Yeah. I admit it. Thor was one of my first and favorite from the time I was in grade school. Even before the JLA/Avengers crossover, I had Thor pegged as the most powerful superhero ever. And that's really only important if you're shallow like myself. So you can imagine my disappointment with JLA/Avengers crossover. I had always been loyal to Stan Lee, Marvel comics and Thor.

Now this latest travesty with the Hulk vs DVD. No kidding, I was going to take Thor off my pull list and swear him off altogether had he lost to the Sentry/Void in Siege.

Some would say Thor has been de-powered since his addition to the Marvel universe. I would have to agree. He was always considered Marvel's top, most powerful superhero. Quesada took over and I believe that perception has changed quite a bit.

So what is it? Does anyone have any ideas about why Thor is where he is on the power scale these days? Does Marvel not care the way previous editorial regimes in the past did (ie, Stan Lee, Jim Shooter...he was even pegged as the "ace in the deck" in the Infinity Gauntlet during the time Tom DeFalco was EIC).

Should Marvel make a move to display Thor that way? Or was the recent issue of Siege sufficient enough for Thor fans?

Is Thor the "red-headed" step child in the comic universe when it comes to top tier, super powered characters? Should he be? Or should Marvel portray him as the be all, end all of comic superheroes the way he was by Lee and Shooter?


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