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Default Re: Rank the Marvel films

Originally Posted by co2 View Post
Every time a new one comes out...this thread must be done. So with Iron Man 2, let's see how you stack em. Let's stick with theatrically released films since Blade ONLY.
Here's mine in the order I feel right now.

Spectacular films
Spider-man 2
Iron Man

Good Marvel films
Incredible Hulk
Spider-man 3
Iron Man 2
Punisher '04

Worth Seeing once as a Marvel fan
Blade 2
X-men 3
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four 2

...Just plain bad!
Ghost Rider
Blade: Trinity
Punisher: War Zone

I was tempted to include Kick-Ass, since it is Marvel. I'd stick it in the good category.
Mines basically similar move X-Men, Blade, and Blade II to spectacular and move X3 and Wolverine to Good

In addition to everything STAR WARS, and MARVEL, I'm a big Disney XD Superhero Fan

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