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Default Re: Should Whiplash be brought back for IM3?

Originally Posted by Squidboy View Post
Or Crimson Dynamo 2.0 and establish that his Father had tried to be the original C D, but was sued to hell and back by Howark Stark when he attempted to use the prototype based on their shared designs. Put another nail in that dead man's coffin! Do it, Marvel!
Neither Ivan or Anton invented suits in the movie. that's part of what Ivan used Hammer for. Tony didn't need any of Howard's tech to create the Ironman suit other than arc reactor tech, which had been a joint Anton and Howard invention.

On topic I tend to believe Whiplash is dead. I have liked recurring villain's in the past, Mystique and Magneto come to mind. Perhaps Mandarin can be a threat for more than one film almost guaranteeing a good 3rd and 4th movie. I think if they are going to have a recurring Villian in films, it has to be the arch nemesis.

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