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Default Re: Who was the best robin?

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
All the cool stuff you just said about how seminal a character and amazingly memorable and influential Carrie Kelley was, was just, I don't know a little discredited?? By this.
One person out of thousands is nothing. That one persons comment was disputed by this:

Originally Posted by Two-Face View Post
If you read TDKR you can't forget girl Robin....
Of course the majority of people who have read Dark Knight Returns can remember the girl Robin in it.

And in terms of not wanted to be a "Batman wannabe", she kinda was, and was definitely a Robin wannabe...just look at her look at Jason Todd's costume.
Carrie Kelley was never a Batman wannabe. She didn't want to be Batman, she wanted to be the new Robin, and she became the new Robin.

Tim Drake was definitely a Robin wannabe.

And he also became a Batman wannabe. When Batman disappeared, he didn’t hesitate to put on the cape and cowl.

Tim Drake's even calling himself "Tim Wayne."

Half-man, half-bat.

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