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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Don't know how they will address this in the film but often the question of why his costume looks the way it does, red-undies and all (i know i've asked that one quite a few times). And interesting approach would be if clark had a friend in high school who was a circus performer. The first time clark seems them perform (at which point he doesn't know about their secret) he doesn't even recognize them. When he talks to them later they relate to him the magic of the circus, bright colors, crazy costumes and all is about making people comfortable. How it plays into the fantasy and illusion of it all, it helps people suspend belief and buy into the fanasy instead of being afraid and viewing some of the performers as freaks, etc. It's something that has a big impact on clark when he decides to become Superman. Bright colors, down to the costume design, all designed to be reminicent of circus performers so people wouldn't be afraid of him when they see him in action.

This works for an earth origin for the costume even if it does take the kryptonian \S/ and color scheme from the ship.

It also pays homage to the original creators and their basing his costume on circus strong men.

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