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Default Re: Who was the best robin?

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
TDKR was hugely influential, but that doesnt mean that Carrie was just because she was in it.
I'm not saying Carrie was influential just because she was in Dark Knight Returns, I'm saying she was influential because she's a girl with her own personality and style and not a Batman junior at all, and not a carbon-copy of Dick Grayson. She's a very different concept for Robin than what anyone was use to. Her parents were not killed, she isn't a ward of Bruce Wayne's or adopted, she isn't a junior Batman. She's not a Batman-wannabe. Carrie has her own personality, her own life, she is very modern, she is very different than Dick, Jason, etc. She's refreshingly different. The most radical departure from the norm, the female Robin, works because she's a spin on the classic formula.

Anyway, i think the point of this thread is which Robin we like best, not who really is the best, because there is no way of judging that. So i think its pointless to compare the number of issues each one has appeared, or how influential those issues were, etc.
Yeah, I was never interested in getting into a Robin debate in the first place but I will defend my favorite Robin.

If anything, Dick is the most influential because he's the one that all the others are based on.
Absolutely. Dick Grayson started the whole side-kick craze in comic books in the first place.

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