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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Good idea for a thread - these are the questions that team Nolan has to answer in the film; and here are my brief explanations...

1. how does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman:

2. How the costume was made:

3. why he chooses the wear the costume:

4. why doesn't the costume get damaged:

5. why does Superman love Lois?

6. why did Clark Kent become a superhero?

7. what did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a jouranalist? he could have literally been anything.

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology?

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out?

I have my explanations for some of these problems, but I would like to get yours. A lot of these questions should be dealt with in the next movie.

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