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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

My answers in bold:

Originally Posted by kalelkilla View Post
Good idea for a thread - these are the questions that team Nolan has to answer in the film; and here are my brief explanations...

1. how does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman:

Clark should stoop a bit and carry himself differently from Superman. He could also wear brown contacts, though that might be awkward when he changes into Superman. People could even realize he looks like Supes and dismiss him as quickly, just because they assume Superman has no secret identity. In the long run, it's fantasy so you just have to go with it.

2. How the costume was made:

It's a Kryptonian costume his parents packed into the ship with him.

3. why he chooses the wear the costume:

In memory of his parents and Krypton.

4. why doesn't the costume get damaged:

Because it's advanced Kryptonian technology.

5. why does Superman love Lois?

Because she's feisty, smart, brave, noble, and charismatic. The actress playing Lois will really have to sell these aspects of her personality.
6. why did Clark Kent become a superhero?

7. what did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a jouranalist? he could have literally been anything.

He travels the world like Bruce in BB.

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology?

I won't worry about this. One might as well ask why no one can tail the tumbler or batpod back to Bruce's place.

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out?

They should flip out when they first see him. His struggle for acceptance should be an important part of Superman's saga.

I have my explanations for some of these problems, but I would like to get yours. A lot of these questions should be dealt with in the next movie.

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