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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Good idea for a thread - these are the questions that team Nolan has to answer in the film.

Thanks, will do my best (though I am more geared towards a sci-fi Supes)

1. how does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman:
Like I stated, Jor-el wants him to understand life amongst humans while also understanding his Kryptonian side. Jor-el forsees the possible complications/implications of living openly as a visitor from another planet. He engineers the Kryptonian/Superman crest \S/, so that he can only be seen as a Kryptonian/Superman to protect his human side. Only those that are able to view/care for Clark as much as Superman/Kal-el can see him as the entire entity> Clark, Superman, Kal-el. That is why his earth parents know who he is, and that is why one day when Lois is able to fall for Clark the way she immediately falls for Superman she will know him completely as well.

2. How the costume was made: Ok my idea (sci-fi idea some may think is too far) is that the \S/ crest only is Kryptonian engineered. The costume in completion is not. That way it is feasible that Martha would make him a suit (and it will make disbelief easier since we aren't claiming the full costume to be Kryptonian), and show Clark the crest that came with him on the ship. I go sci-fi with this, when Martha is going to sew it on, the needle will NOT penetrate the \S/ crest. They are perplexed. Clark then holds it up and starts pulling it towards his chest. The \S/ attaches to his costume. Martha and him look at eachother perplexed. She asks him "Is it attaching to you?" he responds "No, it is attaching to the suit you made me. It is as if it knows why you made this suit."

3. why he chooses the wear the costume: Jor-el informs him he will need to wear the crest, to separate from the human side and fulfill his destiny to be protector of earth. I would use something similar to a tagline I made before "Kal-el I have sent you to earth to protect you my son, and in turn one day it will be your duty to protect earth."

4. why doesn't the costume get damaged: Alright the Lois and Clark explanation works well here. Because it is a skin tight suit, his body has an aura protecting the layer of clothing, unless he himself is injured (from a strike of a strong being) the clothing can not be penetrated. If someone strong struck him to the point he can bleed, only then would the suit be damaged.

5. why does Superman love Lois? As he lives as the "human" Clark Kent he develops the same emotions. Lois is everything he could look for in a woman. Strong, beautiful, and a good heart. It doesn't matter what species she is lol.

6. why did Clark Kent become a superhero? He feels the need to help those in need. He has all these powers, so he should do something with them. Also Jor-el told him he owes earth his life, it protected him from death on Krypton giving him a place to live... So he should return the favor.

7. what did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a journalist? he could have literally been anything. Clark considers himself the protector of the world, not just america. The Daily Planet is a job that covers what is going on in the world. He gets insight to where people need help the most from working here also. He couldn't exactly have a cover as a cop if he is seen getting shot at and bullets bounce off, or a fireman if he is seen getting burned but no damage.

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology? The FOS is underground and so remote that it would be hard to get to and so cold humans wouldn't want to try and find it. It is hidden to the point satellites could not pick up on its existence.

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out? Maybe people do question him at first. Maybe there is a group and Lex is probably ring leader that DOES question him. However he wins over the majority because he is seen saving lives, stopping damage from natural disasters like earthquakes, etc...

10. Why does Lex hate Superman so much? How did Lex make his billions?
Lex sees himself as above everyone. Now there is a man who can literally be above him in terms of power, public adoration, and he knows this man will try and stop his devious endeavors. Jealousy is part of it, and also knowing this Superman is the only being capable of stopping his empire of terror.

Lex made his money by being cut throat. He took insider info and never got caught, he killed owners to gain ownership, he stole when he wanted, etc... They can even do a flashback where he says "I didn't make my money being the nicest guy, I made it by being the smartest" and we see him shooting someone, taking a black mask off and grinning. Basically he was a criminal who was smart enough not to get caught.

I have my explanations for some of these problems, but I would like to get yours. A lot of these questions should be dealt with in the next movie.

Please share!

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