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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

1. how does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman:
Because as Superman he vibrates his face so that no one gets a good look or photo of him, He looks slightly fuzzy like an out of focus photograph.

2. How the costume was made:

Martha and Clark too the kryptonian fabric in his ship and using Clarks Heat Vision welded the costume together.

3. why he chooses the wear the costume:
To honor his heritage.

4. why doesn't the costume get damaged:
It's Crystal made technology. it's not cloth so it doesn't get damaged easily and can be repaired with the right amount of heat.

5. why does Superman love Lois?

Because she's smart , beautiful and resourceful.

6. why did Clark Kent become a superhero?
He doesn't think of himself as a superhero. Clark is all about helping people.

7. what did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a jouranalist?
He could have literally been anything.
He traveled the world, taking courses in Journalism from accredited universities and working in the foreign bureau of the Daily Planet.

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology?

because it's basically a mineral construct. Oit's technology so far advanced of anything we have it literally appears as nothing more than a mountain or a small hill.

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out?
Because he saves people, He doesn't ask for anything in return. Some will flip out but most will accept him.

10. Why does Lex hate Superman so much?
Because no matter how much money, power and fame he accumulates, he will never get the adulation that Superman does.

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