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Default Re: Who was the best robin?

In Fact The Face Bruce talks about how he wasn't able to formally adopt Dick or Jason and was only able to make them his ward...but now with the laws the way they are, he couldn't make Tim his ward and had to adopt him to give him the protection that he was able to give Dick and Jason.

Wouldn't this, being more recent, had written that out of continuity?

And really you're going to compare Tim Drake's 12 episodes (of the total 24) as a lead character, the whole Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker film (where the story kinda needs him) and a few Superman Animated Series episodes to Carrie Kelly's one appearance as an imaginary character in a story told by a girl names Carrie Kelly?

That is just like comparing Tim's hundreds of appearances in the comics to Carrie's one appearance as Robin. This is a character who was later named Catgirl and taken out of the Robin role.

Also, how is Carrie going to be a "Batman" wannabe? She can't be BatMAN.


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