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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

If anyone is out there lol. Here is my idea for a Batman live action tv series: HBO makes a series called "Gotham", it's been heavily advertized so everyone knows what people will be talking about. It was said that Jon Hamm from "Mad Men" is set to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Paul Bettany from " The Davinci Code" is playing The Joker. The episodes are also set to be an hour long. The first episode titled "Business", it follows Bruce's struggle to find time to be both Bruce Wayne & Batman, but when a new threat called "The Joker" starts murdering some of the most wealthiest people, its up to Batman to stop him. The show is an instant success. Cue next Episode titled "Pleasure", we finally get to see the playboy Bruce at his best, he feels as if he's met every woman for him until the mysterious Selina Kyle, played by Angelina Jolie, crosses Bruce's path. Little does Bruce know Selina is just as equipt as Bruce is when it comes to jumping over rooftops. As the 1st season continues we get episodes titled after holidays, then fans realize the whole season is "The Long Halloween" saga. We are introduced to Hasrvey Dent, played by Leiv Schreiber, and guest apperances by Bob Hoskins as Oswald Cobblepot, and Jack Nicholson as Carmine Falcone, we also get a look at Arkham Asylum, with Dr. Quinzell, played by Kristen Bell, Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy. The season ends the same way The Long Halloween ended. The show was a success, and ws picked up atleast two more seasons. more later.

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