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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

The problem with the 3rd film in a lot of series' is that they cram a lot into them; characters, villains, action sequences, and so on. The thing with Nolan, however, is that he's bee doing this since Begins and in TDK. He manages lots of characters very well, he connects plots/subplots in a way that doesn't feel very sloppy or rushed, and while Nolan doesn't include a tone of action sequences compared to other films, when he does have them they have tremendous impact and they look great.

The other thing about Nolan is that he's fully grasped the epic scale of Batman's journey/dilemmas. Though TDK is arguably more epic in scale than Begins, there's no question that Nolan has pre-planned this trilogy from the day he was hired and envisioned every chapter of this story on a large scale. Other trilogies seem to literally take each film one at a time, growing in size with each one, wheras Nolan sees each Batman film as roughly equal in size, each chapter playing as important a role in telling the hero's story; just because Begins is an origin film didn't mean that it couldnt be as, or even more epic as a lot of other film's 2nd or 3rd films.

I fully believe in Nolan's ability to provide a satsifying conclusion because A) the guy is a great story teller and knows how to interconnect plots, handle lots of characters and develop arcs, B) the guy already knew 7-8 years ago where his trilogy would go and isn't coming into the 3rd film trying to throw something together based on the previous installments; like I said, his trilogy has an arc, and C) Nolan, as I already noted with Begins and TDK, has been down the route of making epic Batman films; it's nothing new to him.

The failure of other 3rd installments came from poor planning, bad direction, and studio interference. Nolan has planned things out very well, his direction has been more than exceptional, and with the quality films he's churning out, I doubt WB tries to interfere with this one bit.

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