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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

though, I do think James is an excellent choice for a young Xavier... I am still think, since this movie seems like it well be showing Xavier and Mags in various stages in there life’s, that they still might need cast a second set of actors to portray older Xavier/Mags...
I mean, there’s nearly a 40 year age gap between James and Patrick... I am just not sure I can see them aging him even to the point of the flash back scene we saw at the begin of x3... I think once the story starts to get to that point, then may need someone else... someone in-between their ages to break up that generation gap... (tho, this may not be even needed until the sequel, depending how far there go into the timeline in this movie)

but, with that said (if they could get him) I am thinking, Ralph Fiennes, would be a transition (where James will be great for 30 some Xavier... Ralph could be the late 40s early 50s Xavier)

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