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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
I think one of the best ways to avoid the "curse" is to not try to do too much at once. The downfall of most 3rd installments is the pressing need to "wrap up" the series, & throw in everything fans have been asking for regardless of whether the story benefits or not. And often, the 2nd act has some dangling plotline that begs to be resolved in the 3rd but amidst everything else that's going on, can't be done satisfactorily.
I truly believe the next Batman film will break the third act curse. We have the same creative team coming back as others have already mentioned as well as the fact that Nolan says he likes to focus on one film at a time. As General Vulcun mentioned, he sort of preplanned this trilogy in a way. I don't think he knew the exact story or villians he would want for the third film when he was making BB but I think he knew where he wanted Batman to go in general.

Another thing we should all know by now is that Nolan doesn't do fan service with his Batman films. He could have easily thrown in nods like the Iceberg Lounge and a quick cameo with Victor Fries in BB or TDK but he didn't because he knows it would add nothing nor benefit the film.

The last thing is that the second film didn't have any major dangling plotlines that need to be resolved in the third film. Batman may be wanted for murder but it wasn't done in a way where the film had a cliffhanger ending. The Dark Knight's ending much like the first Matrix's ending was a perfectly fine way to end that specific film without absolutely needing a sequel to tie things up. Both films left it open for the imagination as to what will happen next.

He can go into this third film however he wants and the only single thing that needs to be carried over is the police treating Batman as a murderer which doesn't necessarily even need to be tied up really.

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