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Default Re: Batman: City of Scars

Originally Posted by batman497 View Post
I was really surprised at how good this was. I for one hope that after the superhero movie craze is over we get something similar to this. I would love to see a 27 episode run of this type of show. It fulfills my need for Batman stories on screen at a fraction of the budget, but as this short film proves it can be done with heart and quality. You can clearly see these guys love the character and really get him. The actor playing Batman was pretty darn good for a fan film! I actually really liked the suit. My only issue with all these fan films is that all the women seem to be terrible actresses. I don't say that to simply insult them, but man they really kill the vibe. I really don't see why a show like this could not be in production while they are still making movies. It's clearly a different vision and a different tone. All and all I would for sure recommend this to any bat fan and hats off to the creators.

Different tone or not it would still be Batman and if you had both at the sametime you would seriously hurt your box office for the movies, why would peoplepay to see something they get for free?

Personally if it did become a TV show I'd rather have a 12 episode season run like True Blood is, it has its main story which is resolved in the finale but has other side stories contuing throughout. I think this would be the best action to take.

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