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Default Re: Batman: City of Scars

OK, I just had a chance (via my PS3) to see this with sound.
A few impressions (in no particular order) keeping in mind this is a relatively low-budget fan-film.
Overall art direction - Very good, nice and moody, appropriate to a Batman film. I liked the costume, Kevin Porter looked every inch The Batman in it (reminded me a little of Lee's interpretation). Molnar's makeup was a little better than it was in Patient J (looked like they got rid of the chin-piece).
The Acting - generally OK, with some weak moments as was pointed out. Porter was good, except for when narrating he occasionally got a little "lispy". Overall, though I liked his performance. Molnar was much better here than he was in Patient J.
The writing - Generally good, but occasionally wordy, especially the ending speech which went on a little too long.
The music - Didn't care for it.
Overall - With a few flaws that in my opinion can be forgiven due to the low budget constraints, I thought it a good effort, and it shows a potential for what could be done by the right people with a Batman film that truly reflects the comics. Give someone like the Schoenke brothers a few million dollars, and see what happens.
Go ahead, I'll wait right here.

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