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Default Official - Location - Thread

Hi, thought this would be quiet cool to have, discuss and so forth... This is the first x-men film to be shot mostly in the UK, so i thought Lets discuss locations and possible sets that could appear in x-men first class, whilst also reporting news and photos of filming on sets.

But intil they start filming, where do people feel we will see in this movie. I have a few ideas.

I have a theory, see London doesnt really have much to do with Xaviers life growing up. And i dont think they will film in westchester or the familiar hartley castle that we saw in the previous films.

So i figure we might see alot of filming done in Oxford

firstly Charles Xaviers history sees him studying at Oxford University. Then if you look at Oxfordshire there is lots of buildings similar to that of Hatley Castle, so i figure they might film around that area for alot of external shots... but think of this as well Rosamund Pike studied at Wadham college in Oxford. And she is playing Moria McTaggart who met Charles Xavier in Oxford University. it would just make sense.

So here is my ideas for filming

This is Oxford University

Mapledurham House somewhere in Oxford... Looks very similar to Xaviers Mansion... although red bricked and hartley castle was white or gray bricked in the comics the mansion was rebuilt several times.

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