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Default Re: Marvel's short film to present new characters

Pixar has been showing animated shorts for every Pixar movie, starting with the Pixar mascott the light that bounces on a ball. So why can't Marvel do the same thing?
I think it would be a nice place to introduce very random characters who have really no chance to get a movie, or characters that Marvel is still unsure about. (Like how DC has yet to make a Wonder Woman movie even though she is an A list character).
So you could introduce Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Moon Knight, Dazzler, Werewolf by Night, Deathlock, Captain Mar-vell, and others.

The only problem is the actors used, would A-list or even unknowns sign on to play what may just be a random 10 minute movie? What if they don't turn it into a 2 hour movie? So maybe if they sign the person for a 2 hour movie too? Well then why not just make it a 2 hour movie? Money? Well, I guess I understand that.
But then we are back to, would any actor be willing to sign on to play someone for a 10 min film with no promise of a 2 hour movie to fallow?

What if they used actors for the 10 min film and then recast for the larger 2 hour movie? What if some random guy with a mustache and red cape played Dr. Strange and then another actor like Johnny Depp played him in the 2 hour movie? Would that bother anyone?
What if the actor who was signed for the 10 min film wasn't a good actor but the only one they could afford? Should they still sign that person up? Should they even make the movie then?

What if Marvel used their Disney Pixar connections and made animated shorts to go before each superhero movie? Having Pixar or Disney animate 10 min shorts introducing characters like Iron Fist or Luke Cage?
It could be CG and they could cast the actors based on voice. Then later when casting the real movie they can go in a different direction because its live action now and not animated.

That is another thing though, how should these characters be introduced? Should it be straight into action? No origin? Just straight Luke Cage fighting some bad guy, showing what powers he has and what his character is like, and save the origin for the 2 hr movie?

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