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Default Re: Batman: City of Scars

I have to say that the acting and writing did absolutely nothing for me. The female actors were flat-out atrocious, the guy playing The Joker was the very definition of "hammy," and the kid at the end looked like he was holding back a smile. Batman was okay, and the Ventriloquist was probably the best actor of the bunch. As for the dialogue, I found it very cornball-ish. Especially Batman's inner monologue.

HOWEVER, the atmosphere and overall look of the film is exactly what I've always wanted in a live-action Batman feature. Dark, gritty, noirish. The first few minutes with Batman walking around in the sewer system with a flashlight was disgustingly perfect. That scene sums up my problem with Nolan's interpretation of Batman. The character looks so much cooler as just a silhouetted figure. The less you see of the actual batsuit, the better.

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