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Default Re: Marvel's short film to present new characters

Originally Posted by mastermindjcg View Post
There it is, the fanboy's lament put into so many words. Even with the good comic book pictures, X-Men 1, Spider-Man 1, Iron Man 1, the attitude remains, "Origin, Schmorigin, just get to the f***in' good stuff so I can watch this again, later, on my pirated camcorder bootleg and dissect it endlessly. C'mon, man, I'm twelve, I'm tweakin', and I need a break from God of War III to satisfy my cinematic cravings. Now, entertain me, you genius Marvel f***s". A little harsh, I know, but the point had to be made. As for these shorts, if they serve as a basic 10-minute origin prelude to the first big picture, be it Doc Strange, Cloak and Dagger, or(fingers crossed), the r-rated She Hulk picture, I'm all for them.

-so sayeth the mastermind-
I don't have a problem with origins but if you have 10 minutes I'd rather see where the hero 'IS' rather than where he is 'FROM', you have an entire MOVIE to explore the heroes origin.

take amazing fantasy 15 (spidey's origin story) the comic has three distinct arcs

act 1. introduce peter ben and may
peter gets bitten and gains his powers

act 2. peter uses his powers to take down crusher hogan in a wrestling match and appears on a tv show. crook runs straight past him, peter does nothing.

act 3. peter comes home to find his uncle dead, tracks down the killer and unmasks him to find out it is the same guy he failed to stop when he had the chance

now given the three distinct acts which of the three would you rather see in a 10 minute short if you knew absolutely nothing about the character and you wanted to get the 'feel' of the character across in as short a space of time as possible.

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