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Default Re: The Avengers:News,Speculation

Ok here goes

RE: Comic Con

We're getting the expected massive Thor panel complete with footage/trailer, poster and images. There will be a Cap panel and the plan is currently to have Johnston, Evans, and Weaving there via telecast as they will still be hard at work in London. We should see a poster and pics. There will also be an Avengers thingamajig with Whedon (who may or may not be there via telecast, he's currently in London with the Cap crew and he may or may not be too busy to fly out), Renner and others depending on their schedules (notably Norton). Feige also hopes to announce the Dr. Strange director at some point during SDCC.

RE: Fantastic Four Reborn

Fox is looking at doing a "requel" like TIH. They're looking to sign a director by comic con and eying a summer 2012 release. They plan to pursue big names for some of the roles, namely Doom, Sue and Reed. They believe this would be an improvement over the generally unknown previous cast. And to be honest, anything would be an improvement over Julian McMahon, Jessica Alba, and Whatshisface. Additionally, Marvel Studios is currently working a lot more closely with Fox than one might assume. Oh, and expect Silver Surfer to show up.

Obviously as this film is still in development these are only their plans, and they are subject to change.

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