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Default Re: Marvel's short film to present new characters

Originally Posted by mastermindjcg View Post
There it is, the fanboy's lament put into so many words. Even with the good comic book pictures, X-Men 1, Spider-Man 1, Iron Man 1, the attitude remains, "Origin, Schmorigin, just get to the f***in' good stuff so I can watch this again, later, on my pirated camcorder bootleg and dissect it endlessly. C'mon, man, I'm twelve, I'm tweakin', and I need a break from God of War III to satisfy my cinematic cravings. Now, entertain me, you genius Marvel f***s". A little harsh, I know, but the point had to be made. As for these shorts, if they serve as a basic 10-minute origin prelude to the first big picture, be it Doc Strange, Cloak and Dagger, or(fingers crossed), the r-rated She Hulk picture, I'm all for them.

-so sayeth the mastermind-
yea...something like that....though ive always seen She Hulk as rather light hearted so I don't get why that would be R Rated....oh oh wait...

you're gross

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