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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
I don't know if "Toy Story" is the best reference but ok. Particularly where you use the words "funny" and "touching". I seem to recall someone else thinking that the 3rd Batman should be approached in such a manner.
I think you reeeeeeeeeeally misunderstood what I was saying. Allow me to bold for you the "similar manner" part:

"It built on the themes of the previous films while doing it's own thing as a stand-alone feature"

Being funny and touching was what anyone could hope for in Toy Story 3, not with Batman. The result for Toy Story 3 was what you expected out of that film, and Batman, obviously, will produce different but equally as satisfying results for its own type of film, and I think the idea of Batman 3 doing its own thing while remaining a piece of the Nolan Batman puzzle is an appropiate way to approach the film. It's a method that Toy Story 3 used and brought it success, and it's a method The Dark Knight used and brought it success.

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