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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Originally Posted by That person View Post
Why do Kryptonians look identical (or at least very, very similar, going by Birthright) to humans?
I don't think the Planet of the Apes ripoff idea is all that bad. Consider Krypton to be the future planet that takes "Earth's" (after Earth was destroyed) place.

Earth was destroyed and after millions of years a planet restructures with a red sun due to atmospheric changes. During the formation of this planet a black hole emerges.

The kryptonite would be fragments that enter throught the black hole as well.

Jor-el learns of this info, and sends his son through the black hole to save him, but also one day save Earth (from Darkseid instead of cliche Brainiac) from a coming catastrophe (which explains HOW Jor-el knows everything before it happens in FOS) which ultimately saves Krypton.

So in the first film you could have him find out he is Kryptonian and hint that there is a connection to Earth (while keeping them different planets)

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