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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

This is most likely my opinion, and my opinion only, but I didn't really see any of the X-Men movies as being all that good anyways. Enjoyable, yes, but not in the sense to which people seem to be alluding. X-Men was more focused on just having a bunch of X-Men on screen fighting and whatnot and less worried about strict plot structure or good storytelling, which seems to be the same exact case with X-Men 3, except X-Men 3 wasn't afraid to kill key characters (although I don't know how Fox allowed them to go through with it). Don't get me wrong, the Nightcrawler scene in X-Men 2 is one of my all-time favorite scenes, but honestly... After decades of living with mutants and whatnot, I'm sure there would have been precautions set in place long before anything like that could happen, and in fact something like that probably, in my logic, would have already been attempted.

I don't claim to be all-knowing or all-intelligent; I'm merely making observations as I see them. I always felt that Wolverine was being given the chick flick treatment, instead of being portrayed in the fashion to which I was accustomed, even in the movie of his namesake. Allow to expressly iterate that I'm not saying I don't like any of the X-Men movies, because I do. And I, in fact, feel that X-Men 3 was the worst of them--at least of those three, now I feel like X-Men Origins Wolverine is the worst of them--but I'm not so sure that narrowing the blame for this can strictly be set upon the fact that it was a different director. In fact, I don't think that changing directors for sequels automatically equates to a bad decision. I just wanted to point that out. Maybe the script could've gone through just a few more drafts, maybe a producer strongarmed this or that, honestly we don't know; we just make suppositions, and even some of us THINK we know.

I just wanted to clarify all that.

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