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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

1. how does LOIS not know Clark Kent is Superman: I like how they set it up in The Man Of Steel and Birthright comics. Have Clark stoop over a bit, lower his shoulders, slick his hair back, wear thick glasses and just change the tone of his voice. All of which can make it hard to tell the difference between Clack and Superman. Yeah Clark may look similar to Superman, but it would be no different then your average person looking like a movie actor.

2. How the costume was made: Once again lets stick to the source material here. Martha made him the costume so that he could still be Clark and have a private life.

3. why he chooses the wear the costume: Because after years of using his powers in secret he gets caught in action ( The Man of Steel comic ) and realizes that to protect his family and private life he needs to separate his Clark persona from his activities as Superman

4. why doesn't the costume get damaged: Martha tells Clark the when he was a boy, anything that he worn that was close to his skin didn't tear or get dirty. So it is his chemical make up that keeps clothes from ripping.

5. why does Superman love Lois? Why does anyone fall in love? Maybe Lois is everything Clark has ever wanted in a woman. He sees her for who she really is and not how everyone else sees her.

6. why did Clark Kent become a superhero? Clark felt that he was giving these powers for a reason. Where most would have used these powers to take over the world and rule it. Clark saw the need for someone like himself. It was the solid upbringing by the Kent's that made him want to help those in need.

7. what did Clark Kent do from leaving Smallville to deciding to become a journalist? he could have literally been anything. He traveled the world helping those in need. He was using his powers to help the world. It was not till he had to publicly save someone in Metropolis that the world knew of his existence. Up until then he was just an urban legend.

8. Why can't the FOS get discovered with today's technology? The FOS is so remote, no one will bother looking for it. Combine that with it has been built by alien technology and more then likely is cloaked by anti radar shielding. There is no chance for it being found.

9. Why is everyone so accepting of Superman right away? Wouldn't most people flip out? People want a savior. Everywhere in the world there is injustices happening, and no along comes a guy with the power to save us all. it would be the equivalent of the return of Christ. Superman is the hero the world has been waiting for.

10. Why does Lex hate Superman so much? For the longest time Lex has been Metropolis's golden boy. He was a leader of industry and his company built things that protected people for a cost. Once Superman arived people didn't need the protect he provided anymore. How did Lex make his billions? He built his company up from a small company owned by his father to become a giant in defense contracts and other ventures most of which are less then legal.

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