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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Why did he become a super-hero?
If this question refers to the defining moment, i.e. the death of Bruce Wayne's parents, then it really doesn't apply to Superman. There is no "moment". It is purely the upbringing of the Kent's that instills in him a desire to use his abilities to help others when a Superman is needed.

Why is the costume as indestructable as Superman?
I am a proponent of it's Kryptonian origin. The fabric placed in the starship by Lara is either indestructable by nature or becomes indestructable under the yellow sun of Earth(tho I prefer the latter). It is that fabric that Martha fashions the costume out of; nicely combining the efforts of both Lara and Martha.

Why a reporter/journalist?
Of course, originally the purpose was to keep Clark informed as quickly as possible when a job for Superman arose, but in this day and age where info is immediately exchanged in many outlets a reporter/journalist position seems unnecessary except that being a reporter/journalist also allows Clark to pursue the fight for truth and justice on a human level unattainable by the Man of Steel. The pen is in many instances mightier than the sword.

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