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Default Re: <<Ask/Answer Thread>>Explanations to common Superman "complaint/plot holes" in mo

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
I think Nano-technology would be a viable plot device to explain a large number of things in the Superman mythos. We as humans are only now beginning to examine the unbelievable capabilities of nano-technology; it stands to reason that the hugely advanced Kryptonians would already have progressed long past this and perfected the technology.

For example....

The suit -
We've long been told that Superman has a mysterious aura or force-field which protects his suit and sometimes those around him. Now I know we're talking about a guy who can shoot fire from his eyes, but I still found this explanation hard to buy - it always felt like they just couldn't come up with a more viable excuse.

Now imagine if the Kryptonians had perfected nano-technology and adopted it aeons ago as an everyday part of their life. Clothes and materials themselves could be made from nano-bytes - similar in texture and function to our normal clothes, but hugely resistant to damage and also able to self-repair.

The Fortress -
Now if the nanobytes are the phsyical manifestation of nano-technology, what is it that actually programs them to build and create? Here is where we could link in crystals - which are huged to store information and could be seen as the 'programs'. Imagine the crystal technology combined with the nano-technology - here is where you can have a single crystal (sent to Earth with Kal-El) with a tremendous amount of information and knowledge on it, including a structure/layout for a home for Kal-El. And thus the nano-bytes are able to access that information and construct the fortress of solitude from the raw materials in the immedate vicinity - in this instance, the Arctic.

I find this more believable than the fact that one single crystal could 'grow' the Fortress, as per normal Superman lore.

The Clark Kent disguise -
This has always been the tricky one. We as viewers know that one actor is playing both roles, so it's very hard to accept that no-one else in the film recognises Clark Kent. Is it so unbelievable though? I know a coupe of people who greatly resemble celebrities but I'd never for a second think it's them. Superman stands tall with his tight-fitting costime showcasing his huge build, deeper voice, his hair is styled differently, and his entire demeanour is different. Clark slouches, wears glasses, baggy clothes, speaks in a softer tone and comes off as clumsy. And there's also the fact that Superman simply doesn't wear a mask - everyone knows him, everyone recognises him - would anyone even suspect that he actually has a disguise? Clark could just be this guy who resembles him.
I really like the Clark Kent disguise explanation here.

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
Another suggestion for the Fortress of Solitude this time is that it doesn't have to be a huge ice-palace.

I suggested in another thread once that the Kryptonians may have come to Earth thousands of years ago (perhaps during the ice age) and built the Fortress to blend in with the surroundings.

I always felt a disguised Fortress somewhere in the Arctic would be perfect. It can't be seen by humans, it can't be reached (at least, not easily) by humans and the technology in the fortress can render our satellites etc useless so they can't see it either.

And what would be the perfect disguise for the Fortress in the arctic? An iceberg. Small on top but with abundant space beneath it, no human would ever suspect it's anything else.

for the FOS explanation.

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