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Default Re: The official Michael Fassbender / Magneto thread

Well x-Maniac, a lot of your ideas--no offense, don't seem unique enough.

I'm not saying necessarily that I don't know how they'll be able to top some of those very creative displays of power both subtle and extreme (Magneto creating a makeshift bridge as he's walking full pace in X1 is still one of my favorite scenes as well). I'm just curious at what they can do and make it so unique that it could blow our minds. I remember a very cool idea in Wolverine and the X-Men where Magneto's lair was made all completely metal and when the X-Men tried to attack him while inside, he molded and pushed himself around the house, moving the rooms around, shaping his floors and the walls around like they were made of liquid, and used the house as a weapon. A variation of THAT would be cool to see.

...and that magnetic force bubble dome--probably would be nice, too..

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