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Default Re: Give Robin Williams a role

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
I don't see why the way producers treated him back in 1989 should mean a role for him now.

Buty yes, he's a very good actor and has worked with Nolan before, so why not?
I wouldn't of had things different,but it was shocking.

WB: Jack, do you want play the Joker?
Jack: Let me think on it.

WB: Robin,would you like to play the Joker in Batman?
Robin: I would love too.
WB: We'll get back to you.

WB: Jack,we've asked Robin Williams to play the Joker and he said yes,but its really you who we want. So if you dont want the role,it can go to him.
Jack: Fine I'll do it,and you did say I could name my price?
WB: GREAT!! and yes, anything you desire!
Jack: I want Sixty-Milion and royalties on all sold merchandise.
WB: ****!!!!
Jack: What did you say?
WB: Fine...I said...fine...heh-heh.

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